Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some GD Topics for MFM

Here are some of the topics:

1. Comment on the statement "...the fashion world pays lip service to the notion of change, because in truth, it hates change. It likes what it sold yesterday, and to make fashion saleable for tomorrow, it will add a few bells and whistles and surround the whole thing with hubba-hubba seduction...". How retailers and designers will respond to this challenge.

2. "As Consumers are getting older, the fashion searches for the fountain of youth. Not so long ago, young people aspired to look older....But these days, rather than dressing up...women are dressing young...". How retailers and designers will respond to this challenge ?

3. "Powered by technological innovations, internet and globalisation of fashion, the life span of a fashion trend is reducing drastically." How retailers will respond to this trend.

4. "The New Mantra for todays' stores: Time, Space, Quality".

5. "Fashion Designers are venturing into Home Fashions"...."But do the skills that make someone look good at shaping a jacket, for instance, necessarily translate into making tables and chairs..."

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